Thursday, February 23, 2012

Discussion Question 14. Organizational Control

Which of the three types of organizational control (i.e. feed forward control, Concurrent control, and Feedback control) are often adopted as a main focus (or dominantly) in your organizations? What are the implications of this type of control to your organization's culture, structure, system, and its interaction with its task environment? 

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  1. Feedback control is the dominant one
    To function efficiently any organization has to achieve “homeostasis”. This word is used to describe the state of affairs where in an organization adapts to its environment and continues its normal operational activities. Control processes strive to bring about this condition of homeostasis.
    All control procedures in most organization are based on the simple principle of feedback. This means that the processes constantly engage in a two-way communication. As and when the communication signifies a deviation from a pre-established norm, corrective mechanisms are activated. Therefore in my organization feedback control is the dominant one though other types are also used some times.