Thursday, February 23, 2012

Discussion Question 12 Understanding Leadership

 Discuss the different approaches to understand the essence of leadership. What are the implications of these approaches to your understanding of leadership?

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  1. Leadership is the art of influencing others to do something. Influencing doesn’t mean forcing or coercing rather motivating and persuading, only a positive influence. There are three types of leadership approaches; i.e. Trait (an inborn leadership skill), leaders are born not made. Behavioral (leaders can made not born) we can create leaders through training. Contingency; different situations deserve different leadership styles.
    All the three types of leadership approaches are effective in different situations; according to the organizations (business activities). For instance trait theory is more applicable in military organizations, and know a day money business schools are producing good leaders (Behavioral). All leaders have a unique ability; applying their unique talent according to the situation is situational leadership.
    According to my view situational leadership is better than the above two approaches. Since, it has different views for leadership. i.e. observe followers readiness and apply your leadership style accordingly (Harsey and Blanchard). Different situations required different leadership styles (path goal theory) and the intervention and neutrality of managers according to situation (substitute for leadership). Since we have such opportunities to choose our leadership style accordingly situational leadership style is the moody leadership style.