Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discussion Question 5 : Organizational Culture

Compare and contrast the cultures of two organizations you have worked for or known them well.


  1. Organizational culture is a pattern of shared values and assumptions about how things are done within the organization, learned by members as they cope with problems and thought to new members as the correct way to think and perceive.
    I know two organizations, one with noble interpersonal relationships among the employees and the management; one without such good practices. In the first the social committee organizes ceremonies to welcome and goodbye their fellow and the management reward high achievers. In addition when someone gets sick and unable to cover medication expenses or dies suddenly each member of the organization contribute up to a one month salary of their income to help their colleague or his family. This becomes a culture of that organization and new members of the organization follow this way. Due to this reason people enjoy and proud of being a member of that organization. This harmonious relationship helped the organization to increase its productivity. The second is the other way round.

  2. I had experienced two organizations; the first organization seems have a good organizational culture, it prepares a well come and good bay ceremony for its employees. And the other one seems don’t have any culture. Since it was new and an employee on the management level doesn’t care about such relation. But the best thing for the second organization is employees’ cohesiveness; almost all employees were adult and have a good relation by themselves.