Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discussion Question 4: Inter-organizational Partnerships

Why are  inter-organizational partnerships becoming so important in today’s turbulent business environment?


  1. The external environment is threatening all companies,to reduce these challenges companies should increase their collaboration with each other by sharing information, other scarce resources and experiences. Since the external environment is becoming a common enemy.

  2. @ Damena , as organizations are open systems their near and far environment ( rather the general and task environment) provide them both the opportunities and challenges for success. I do not think that environment is their common enemy.Rather without the environment , none exist.
    Organizations use different inter-organizational strategies in order to make uses of the opportunities from their environment as well as face together the challenges. Of these strategies Merger, acquisition, joint ventures, etc ... are some of them.

  3. Oh, thank you dear for your comment I tried to look at the problem only from one perspective, but now you corrected and convinced me. I agree with your comment.

  4. inter organizational partnership is so important to avoid uncertainty of the future states of the organizations by making collusion. Factors such as threatening the existence or survival of the organizations, to take huge amount of profit, and better product or service are the reasons for the need of inter organizational partnership.

  5. At the micro level of analysis, inter-personal links generally offer individuals the opportunity to share and learn skills that will improve their personal lives. At the macro level of analysis, inter organizational partner relationship often provide a forum for professionals to share and receive knowledge which may result in improving their companies’ competitiveness and profitability. IRs has the potential to add value to organizations in two ways:
    1) They provide the possibility for firm innovation and enhancement, and
    2) They also offer employees the chance to discuss Current professional practices with others in related fields, which may enable employees to perform, better their various tasks.


    1. @Azmeraw. It is a very helpful comment and the link-document is worth reading to understand the issues of IR at macro-level.Thank you.

  6. Inter-organizational partnership many advantageous for today's companies.that means companies when to get collaboration they are provided and achieved several things. and improvement of companies polices and structures to a good positions,I mean there is to promote,providing and enhance a lot of things, some of what team working, cooperation, collaboration, involvement,good organizational cultures, technological development, ....they develop and implement and sharing of resources, reword, risk and responsibilities. in general companies communicating and respecting each others to survive environmental and as well as turbulent world challenges, difficulties and bad factors.